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"A great teacher is like a candle, it consumes itself to light the way for others." Anonymous

"A great teacher is like a candle, it  consumes itself to light the way for others." Anonymous

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Mitten

We read two versions of The Mitten (Jan Brett and Barbara McClintock).  We laced together a diecut mitten and placed the different animals in to use in retelling.  We also role-played and retold our own classroom version.  I don't know when I have heard so much giggling and laughing.  Even my quietest students took a turn saying "Please let me in.  My toes are ice cold."  We were able to get over half the class into the mitten (sheet) before it exploded.

100 Day Fun

Our 100th day of school was a blast.  We made 100 day hats by bingo dotting 10 dots on 10 strips of construction paper and then glued them onto sentence strips. We also made 100 day sunglasses using one of the cool diecuts we have in our workroom.  We had a 100 day trail mix for snack that consisted of things that my students brought to school to add to the mix.  I sent a note home asking each student to count out 100 things to add to our trail mix (cereal, cheeze-its, pretzel sticks, m&m's).  The kids thought this was the best snack ever.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hibernation Fun

This last week we talked about hibernation, migration, and adapting to survive winter.  One of my stations was a chart that had hibernation/migration facts.  The kids really enjoyed figuring out where to place the words in the sentences.

New Year's Resolutions

We discussed that a resolution is like a promise and then each student came up with their own resolution for the new year.

Keeping Warm with some Hot Chocolate fun

On a cold winter day it is really nice to warm-up with a cup of hot chocolate.  So, that is just what we did.  We tasted and graphed our favorite way to drink hot chocolate.  We also completed the sentences by filling in the missing letters.  Thanks Kim Jordano for this cute idea.  We also drew a picture of our favorite thing to eat when we drink hot chocolate and completed the sentence (When ____ drinks hot chocolate he/she likes to eat ____).  We did this on a picture of a cup.  They turned out really cute, but I forgot to get pictures.